Google High-Speed Internet is Spreading

Google High-Speed Internet is Spreading

Google Fiber is a broadband service that is blazingly fast and that offers a lot of perks. The connection can be as fast as 1,000 megabits per second, and there is a lot of content that you can enjoy as a user of the service, including more than 200 TV channels, as well as access to apps that will give you your favorite services with just a few button taps. images

Google high-speed Internet is not available in all territories yet, but in areas where it is, you will find that it is truly life-changing. Low latency, stable speeds, incredible throughput for downloading and even for streaming games or podcasting yourself. Why rely on a 4G mobile connection or a slow traditional phone line connection when the fiber is an option?

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, San Antonio, these are all places where Google Fiber is already available, and the service is expanding aggressively. It will take a long time for it to cover the United States, because of the infrastructure that is required, but knows that Google is working with cities to assess the existing infrastructure and plan rollouts elsewhere. If the fiber needs to be laid so that the service can be delivered, that is going to be disruptive to the city in many ways; roads may require digging up, and boxes may need installed. However, many cities are quite happy to work with Google to facilitate the rollout as quickly as possible; because they know the economic and quality of life improvements that ultra-high speed Internet can offer.

There are other broadband providers, but not that have the level of experience that Google has. Many companies promise incredible speeds but fail to deliver because of issues with contention ratios. Google knows how to predict demand and cater for it, and can offer speeds that are stable and reliable for extended periods, so you won’t have to worry about your connection bottoming out at the worst possible moment. You also won’t need to worry about running into issues with bandwidth caps. Google knows that people like to spend a lot of time online, and their usage policies are fair and flexible.

Google’s original motto was “don’t be evil,” and that is still something that guides their day to day efforts in search, social, and yes, even in how they help to get people online in America.

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