The Top 5 Aftermarket Truck Headlights

The aftermarket sector – at least in the automotive industry – is nothing if not evolutionary and overwhelmingly creative. From the thousands that pack sector-leading trade shows such as SEMA to the price-is-no-limit characteristics of many of the unique buyers in this niche, aftermarket equipment manufacturers often have little to worry about when it comes to staying afloat during severe economic downturns. In the area of headlamps for cars and trucks, the market becomes even more niche-specific, as buyers of these types of products are continually seeking out the latest and greatest in the world of high-intensity-discharge (HID) lights, LED lights, projector lights and more – and are often willing to pay top dollar for the best and brightest.

If you’re a proud truck owner and have been looking to give your headlight assembly a visceral “kick in the pants,” we’re going to cover the top five aftermarket truck headlight companies that can deliver quite the style and visibility impact on your coveted ride.

1. Raptor Retrofit

From custom-built OEM HID headlights to a plethora of upgrade options, Raptor Retrofit offers products that increase performance related to more full low beams, concentrated high beams for greater distance, pure white light with 5500K bulbs and more. Consider upgrades like amber or white c-clamps, dual LED strips, LED rings, backlit lenses, and custom image laser etches lenses.


2. American Trucks

With the enormous leaps forward made in automotive lighting technology in the past decade, more headlamp options than ever before are available for trucks of all sizes. If you drive a Ford F-150, American Trucks offers aftermarket Ford 150 headlights in a myriad of styles and prices. Choose from halogen lights, HID lights and LED lights among others, in addition to other Ford accessories including polished headlight trims, brushed headlight trims, and LED Day Liners.

3. has all the aftermarket lighting gear you crave, from headlights and taillights to tailgate, bed, backup and safety lights – even off-road lights. Accessories include illuminated fender emblems, LED mud flaps, strobe light kits, cup holder lights and more.


The super-bright LED headlight bulbs from SNGL offer an adjustable focus length conversion kit which helps these lamps put out a white, clean light equal to 6000k. This kind of output is dramatically better than many factory halogen lamps, and SNGL makes the deal even sweeter by standing behind their products 100-percent.

5. Headlights Depot

Looking for a fantastic facelift for your 1999 to 2003 F-350? Headlights Depot offers a replacement for Ford Super Duty/Excursion models via stunning chrome conversion headlights, though installation of these is a bit more complicated than others; be prepared to cut a fair amount of structure behind the lights.



Aftermarket truck headlights, in any style, provide an aggressive look to your vehicle while improving the light output for greater safety measures – and perhaps therein lies the ultimate appeal of them. As of late, projector-style aftermarket lamps have become popular, offering “angel eyes halo rings” to enhance front-end appearance; these are available in two different styles: Regular halo rings, which use LED-powered bulbs as a light source, and CCFL halo rings, which offer a much brighter and linear light pattern compared to LED.

Whatever style you choose, you can rest assured knowing that, as a truck enthusiast, the future looks brighter than ever.

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